From Pain & Trauma to Peace & Freedom

The "Back to the Well" personal coaching experience designed for women to move out of pain, into a lifestyle of peace and freedom.

Back to the Well - Personal Coaching

Are you feeling alone and overwhelmed in your journey to wholeness? Are you finding yourself going around and around in the same old patterns of despair and frustration? Do you feel stuck in childhood trauma and see no way to move past it?

That's exactly where highly sought after personal coach and speaker, Marlene Horst, found herself only a few years ago. As an overweight, overwhelmed wife, and stay-at-home mom of four, she found herself smacked in the face with a cancer diagnosis and knew there had to be a better way.

Out of these ashes was born the "Back To The Well" personal coaching program. Marlene offers her "Back to the Well" personal coaching program as a lifeline for other struggling women who have a passion for more in life, but don't know how to get there. Her simple daily transformations and ongoing personal support will help you finally shift out of the pain and trauma that's keeping you stuck, and into lasting peace, purpose, and freedom.

From Pain - To Peace

Our personal coaching offers Simple, daily transformations and the personal support you need to finally shift Out of your pain points and Into a lifestyle of lasting peace and freedom!

personal coach strategies

Simple Strategies

Our simple strategies implement easy, daily steps to start moving you out of the places you're stuck in, and into the life you want.

personal coach daily transformations

Daily Transformation

It's not about the huge changes. It's simple, small steps in the right direction that daily transforms your mind and your life.

personal coaching brings lasting peace

Lasting Peace

We help you move out of the pain points you find yourself stuck in over and over again, into a lifestyle of lasting peace, purpose, and freedom.

personal coaching life by design

Life By Design

Consistency, commitment, and personal support is the strength of the "Back to the Well" program, designed to keep you on track for life!

Empowering Women like You with Simple, Daily Transformations to Move from Pain to a Lifestyle of Lasting Peace and Freedom.”

faith-based personal coaching

a hOLISTIC, FAITH-BASED Personal coaching program

Like a virus in a computer system, unprocessed trauma in the mind and body creates sticking points for the emotions to overreact and the physical body to break down.

Our faith-based personal coaching program recognizes these connections between our physical, spiritual, and emotional parts of our being, and offers a holistic approach to uncover the roots of the blockages keeping you stuck.

personal coaching brings lasting peace and freedom

Consistency, Committment, and personal support

"Back to the Well" personal coaching is centered around helping you process, release and move through pain, trauma, and other blockages, into a permanent lifestyle of wholeness in all areas - physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

We help you incorporate bite-size daily steps to move you right out of your stuck places, and provide the personal support you need to stay consistent and turn "Back to the Well" into a permanent lifestyle of peace and freedom.

What Others Say


My friend Marlene is a truly caring and inspiring person. She came alongside me in a very dark season when I could not see the light of day, and helped me to see the power within myself. She helped me to begin to take my focus off of darkness and transfer it to the light. She was not afraid to kindly ask the hard questions she knew would ultimately give me the strength to rise up out of the ashes of defeat and to begin to walk courageously on my own two feet.

- Norma 

 / Friend and Client


Marlene has results! She can guide and teach from a perspective of having walked through it before me. Marlene has walked me through some challenging times in parenting, health, changing negative thought patterns, as well as just being a friend who I can laugh with. I would hire her because she pushes me to be better, pushes me to reach my goals and to stay on track to get where I already said I wanted to go. Her coaching is based on what YOU want to accomplish and how much accountability you want.

- Lori

/ friend and client


Marlene is an amazing woman to work with. I really appreciate the kindness she pours into me as a person. Getting excited with me in my happiness and empathy when I am going through a tough time. Her past experiences have given her much knowledge and skill in helping others unlock healing. I'm so blessed to have her in my life.

- Katrina

/ Friend and client

The Journey From Pain to Peace

A few Truths About Our Amazing Bodies:

  • Unprocessed emotions tend to stay in the body and are like ticking time bombs; illnesses in incubation.
  • Our body keeps the score but it’s ability to be whole is an amazing phenomenon. 
  • It is really smart to fuel our bodies so it works with us, instead of against us. 
  • It is really smart to process emotions so they are not leaking from our soul and causing diseases in our body.

Inspired by the Biblical story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman, "Back to the Well" is a faith-based, three to six month personal coaching program. It offers a life-line for women like YOU to process and move past pain, trauma, and other obstacles in life and become whole, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

The Consistency, Commitment, and Personal Support you need is the reason the "Back to the Well" personal coaching program is so powerfully life changing. It is Not a quick fix, but daily transformational steps that lead to a permanent lifestyle.

Are You Ready To...

  • Finally live in true Peace?
  • Design the life You want?
  • Move past your pain and trauma?
  • Recover your purpose and passion?
  • Overcome crippling fear?
Meet the Overweight, Overwhelmed, Depressed Mom of four with cancer, turned speaker and highly sought after Personal coach
- Marlene Horst

Marlene Horst grew up in a violently abusive home, with endless chaos, fear, and confusion. Molested from an early age, she learned to survive with sheer determination, and hard work.

Sheer determination and hard work was, however, not enough to heal the brokenness she found herself in later in life as a married woman with four littles. She found herself overweight, depressed, and caught in endless cycles of repeating and reliving her traumatic childhood. Then came the final slap in the face, a potentially terminal cancer diagnosis.

From Pain & Defeat to Peace & Freedom

It was at that moment, Marlene knew something had to change. This time her gifts of determination and hard work became the catalyst for something far greater - complete spiritual, emotional and physical healing from the inside out.

She began the tedious work of uncovering the lies and trauma that had been holding her hostage. She invested hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars learning about herself and her body. She discovered as she healed emotionally and spiritually, her body started healing too. 

But something was still missing. Even after thousands of dollars invested in seminars and counselling, she was still unable to consistently stay on track. It was there, the simple strategies behind the "Back to the Well" personal coaching program was birthed, along with a passion for sharing the keys she found with other women who found themselves stuck.

Today, Marlene is 100% cancer free, more happily married than ever, and has gone on to coach and mentor dozens of clients and share her story to thousands of women on stages across the country. 


It was there, the simple strategies behind the "Back to the Well" personal coaching program was birthed, along with a passion for sharing the keys she found with other women who found themselves stuck.

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Our Frequently Asked


Who is "back to the well" for?

"Back to the Well" is designed especially for women who are wanting "more" but feel lost, stuck, frustrated or otherwise unable to move out of bad patterns and into the life they know they're meant for.

What will happen on My Free call?

You will get 30 minutes to share your story with us and ask any question you like. You'll get to meet with and connect to Marlene at a deeper level, and decide if the "Back to the Well" program is a good fit for you.

Whats inside the program?

We offer a three or six month coaching program custom tailored to each individual. Every person is different and on your call, we will help develop an individualized plan with the daily action steps to get you to where you want to go.

Are there other ways of connectng to you?

Yes! Please join Marlene on her personal Facebook or request to join our Back to the Well private Facebook group to network with other like-minded women, and weekly content from Marlene. 

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Final Note...

You might know me from "Back to the Well" coaching, or you may have heard me speaking on a stage, or even singing in our family band. But who am I in every day life? Please allow me to introduce myself!

I am Marlene Horst. I've been married to an amazing, strong and steady husband, Jesse, for over twenty-two years. We have four beautiful children, all in their teens or twenties. When we're not traveling the country on some adventure, we call a very special spot in the steep hills of West Virginia, our home.

My very favorite things are taking nature walks, motorcycle rides with my husband, and powerful uplifting conversations with my family and friends.

I'd love to connect with you personally on my social media and get to know you better. Please join me and introduce yourself! 

I Believe In You -

As the author and coach behind the "Back to the Well" personal coaching program, I love to share my story and link arms with you, with the keys that have helped transform my life.

It is my sincerest hope, that you can take the keys and tools that I have learned as a cancer and childhood trauma survivor, and use them as a shortcut to the life you truly want to live!

- Marlene